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Data Protection and Privacy Statement

At Privee Ventures LLC (, our commitment to privacy and data protection is paramount. We recognize the importance of safeguarding the personal information of our customers and users across all sales channels, including Amazon, Shopify, and other platforms. This policy details our approach to data handling, ensuring transparency, security, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Information Collection and Use

We collect essential data to offer our analytical services, enhancing your business operations across various sales channels. This data encompasses:

  • Account details from Amazon Seller, Shopify Store, and other sales platforms.
  • Sales, inventory, and performance metrics across all platforms.
  • Customer information, exclusively utilized for analytics and business insights.

Data collection is conducted with the explicit consent of the Selling Partner or platform user, adhering to privacy standards and ensuring the relevance and necessity of the information gathered.

Purpose of Data Collection

The data we collect is strictly used to empower our customers with insightful analytics, including:

  • Generating comprehensive sales and market trend analyses.
  • Assisting in effective inventory management across platforms.
  • Offering recommendations for product optimization and targeted advertising strategies.

We guarantee that the data is not used for purposes other than those specified, nor is it shared with third parties, except as legally required or to fulfill our service commitments to Selling Partners and platform users.

Data Protection Measures

To secure the collected data against unauthorized access, we implement robust security practices, including encryption, stringent access controls, and secure data storage solutions. Our security measures align with industry standards and regulatory requirements, ensuring data integrity and confidentiality.

We adhere to global data protection regulations, including the GDPR for our European Union customers, demonstrating our commitment to regulatory compliance and the protection of personal information.

Data Retention and Rights

Data is retained only as long as necessary to provide our services or as mandated by law. Upon the conclusion of its necessity, we proceed with secure data deletion or anonymization.

Users and Selling Partners have rights concerning their personal data, including access, correction, and deletion requests. To exercise these rights, please reach out to us at

Policy Updates

We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy. Updates will be posted on our website, and we encourage regular review to stay informed on how we protect your information.

Contact Information

For inquiries or concerns regarding this privacy policy or our data handling practices, please contact us via email at